• Soon!

    We’re excited to announce that a new game will soon be available on Google Play!

  • Noob

    You have to run from the police as long as you can. Can you score high ? Available on Google play under this link.

  • Square Hit!

    Square Hit Challenge Throw the square by tapping, the square must come into the right position, while the large square or circle rotates in different directions. Not too complicated,…

  • New Game engine

    We are currently developing our own game engine, set to be released in 2024. While we currently use Unreal 4.0 and Unity for game development, our upcoming engine is…

  • Hard Puzzles

    Simple puzzle game for Android. Not easy to win all levels. It is available for download on Google Play under this link.

  • Wordplay: guess the word

    Our Wordle-style game is available for download on Google Play at the following link. Note: This game was released in 2022