About Us


Who is behind BMS Games Studio?

We are two brothers with a shared passion for programming, particularly in the field of game development. Both of us enjoyed crafting compact games during our free time, hence we decided to join effort and elevate our game creation endeavors to a higher standard of quality.

What is BMS Games Studio about?

Our current emphasis is on creating mobile-based games, with a focus on developing games for both Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, we are actively pursuing expansion to a broader range of platforms.

Do you accept game ideas or proposals from external sources?

We welcome game ideas and proposals. We’re also open to work on game development for external sources, provided there is an agreement regarding time and pricing. For additional details, please visit our Services page or reach out to us via email at business@bmsgames.com.

Which game engine do we use?

We currently use both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity for game development. Additionally, we are proud to announce that we are in the process of developing our own game engine, which will be available soon.

Our Team


A Developer with 5 years of experience in programming, specialized in C++, Java, JavaScript, and C#. I have worked on numerous projects as a freelancer and have also developed a variety of games

Mohammed Saad


A Developer with 3 years of experience in programming, specialized in Java, C, Python, and C#. I have worked on numerous projects and have developed several games